Symposium Paper Titles

Below are the names of Paper Presenters along side their Paper Titles –

  1. Sebastian Muehl – “Equality in Colors. Dammi i Colori and the Postmonumental Painting of the Community “

  2. Leonhard Emmerling – “The political in Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory”

  3. Suzanne Hudson – “”Toward a Happier and More Successful Life,” or When Veterans Made Art in the Modern Museum”

  4. Wystan Curnow – “Who’s afraid of Red, Yellow,Blue? McCahon, Mondrian and Painting Politics.”

  5. Kirsty Baker – “Vivian Lynn: a return”

  6. Allan Smith – “Cubism as painting beyond and beside itself: slips, shifts, pulsations, and intermittent radiations”

  7. Raymond Spiteri – “Surrealism, Painting, Politics”

  8. Helen Westgeest  – “Delegated Painting Performances as Visualized and Materialized Sociopolitical Discussions”

  9. Laurence Simmons – “A Vegetable Politics”

  10. Alex Bacon  – “Painting’s Minor Present”

  11. Luke Smythe –  “A Thin Blue Line, the Sheer Opacity of Pigment, and Fairy Villages: Insulating Painting from Politics against Stiff Odds”

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